Tendon Stressing

Tendon Stressing

Post Tensioning

Post Tensioning, a new dimension to the design and application of concrete floor slabs in construction industry. Post Tensioning is a form of stressing that uses high-strength steel strands or bars to apply a compressive stress to concrete.

Accounting for these losses is one of the many factors that go into the final package for a post-tension design. Our combined-discipline team is expert at bringing these components together — let us know how we can help on your next project.

Advantages of Post Tensioning Techniques in Construction

■ Longer Clear Spans (Optimum 30 Ft -Faster Construction Cycle [10 Mtr])■ Restraint Cracks in Post-tensioned
■ Thinner Slabs (Typically 1/3 Reduction Slabs in Thickness)
■ Crack Mitigation Design
■ Lesser Floor-to-Floor Height
■ Minimized Deflection
(Eliminates Beams)
■ Extending Life of Building
■ Shorter Building Height (Less Cladding)
■ Improved Seismic Performance(Lesser Weight, Shorter Overturning Moment Arm)

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