Real Benefits


Cost Comparison RC vs. PT—(Slabs)

As a rule, the break even mark between conventional and pre-stressed solutions is somewhere in the seven meter span range

COST Structure of RC VS. PT Slabs

In a typical slab with spans over 7m, the net savings in material cost can range between 10% - 20% of original RC alternative.

Direct Factors - Time Savings

Factors contributing in reducing the construction cycle:
Construction cycle improved due to speed of work
Allowance of new trades early into the project
Reduction in time reduces OH cost, hire and rental charges etc

Earlier Stripping Of Shuttring

Post-tensioned slab would be ready for stressing operation when concrete strength achieves 25 N/mm2. For a concrete grade of 35 N/mm2, this normally happens on the 7th day after concreting.
Upon completion of stressing, all the slab shuttering can be removed and recycled for other slab’s concreting. This earlier stripping of shuttering would mean that the builder would need less shuttering materials and the finishing work at the lower floors can be carried out earlier.

Post tensioning Hardware

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